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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Space between Cygnus and cepheus

 I have published several large mosaic image panoramas in a past year. I have made several smaller sub-panoramas, they are working as an independent artworks.

This image shows an area between well known and much imaged objects, I always like to find a new viewpoints to the sky. 

The space between Cygnus and Cepheus
Click for a large image, it's worth it

Image in mapped colors from the light emitted by an ionized elements, hydrogen = green, sulfur = red and oxygen = blue. 

A closeup to show the resolution
Click for a large image,

A closeup from the main image shows the Sharpless 124 at up and the Cocoon nebula with a dark gas stream at bottom.

The mosaic, technical info

Panels used for the mosaic image are marked here, panels are shot between 2010 and 2021

I have used several optical configurations for this mosaic image during the years. Up to 2014 I was using an old Meade LX200 GPS 12" scope, QHY9 astrocam, Canon EF 200mm f1.8 camera optics and baader narrowband filter set. After 2014 I have had 10-micron 1000 equatorial mount, Apogee Alta U16 astro camera, Tokina AT-x 200mm f2.8 camera lens and the Astrodon 50mm square narrowband filter set. I have shot many details with a longer focal length, before 2014 by using Meade 12" scope with reducer and after 2014 Celestron EDGE 11" and reducer. Quider camera has been Lodestar and Lodestar II.


asuhocky said...

Cool! Great job!

asuhocky said...

Cool! Great job!

Arbeit macht frei said...

Using a standard, but HQ, lens shows great technique!

The Phonix gave rise to the Poeni and Phonecians. It recurs every 500 years, nearly. 460 years + half of the 60 years, associated with the exact conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn. We are therefore due in 30 years time. It is also called 'the Christ'. The photosphere disappears for days leaving the Corona, appearing like a bird. A planet may be ejected from the star.

Your shots show the clouds of plasma shot out by Novae that occur among the local stars, which are all within the local filament.

Adi Taufik said...

So beautiful

Unknown said...

Let me know when you put the story of that adventure and as much info about galaxy as you can in book form.thanks