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Monday, April 16, 2012

Uniikki kirja (an unique book)

NEW, versions in English and Finnish

Kun taivas ei ole rajana  
 J-P Metsävainio, kuvia taiteen pimeältä puolelta

When the sky is not a limit
J-P Metsävainio, the dark side of art

Kirja astronomisista kuvistani. Numeroitu, singeerattu, sarja. Maksimipainos 99 kpl.
Book from my astronomical images. Numbered and signed series, max. print volume, 99 books.

Kuva kirjan kannesta, A3 kokoinen, aukeama 85 cm leveä
The cover of the book, an opened book is 85 cm wide. (34 inch)

  • Kovakantinen, kiiltolaminointi, laminated hard cover
  • Sisäsivut tukevaa 200 g/m² satiinipintaista taidepaperia, printed on thick art quality paper
  • Koko A3, 42,5 x 30,5 cm, aukeama muhkeat 85 cm leveä, size 17x12 inch, opening is 34 inch wide!
  • 120 sivua ja yli 200 kuvaa, 120 pages and over 200 images
  • Kokealaatuinen väripainatus, väriprofilointia käytetty, joten lopputulos vastaa täysin tarkoittamaani, high quality color calibrated print
  • Kirjan alussa tiivis tietopaketti kuvaajasta, tähtikuvauksesta, tekniikasta ja väreistä, An information baggage about the imager, astrophotography and techniques used.
  • Jokainen kirja kuvaajan singeeraama ja numeroitu tyyliin 1/99, every book is signed and numbered
  • Toimitusaika. kaksi - kolme viikkoa, delivery time two-three weeks 
  • Ainoa sarja, uutta samanlaista ei tehdä ja painotiedosto tuhotaan, kun 99 kirjaa on myyty, unique series, when 99 copies are printed, the original print file gets deleted.
Kyseessä on uniikki taideteos, ei bulkkina painettava kirja. Joku saattoi nähdä Oulun Tähtipäivien taidemuseon näyttelyssä esillä olleen satasivuisen koevedoksen. Tämä versio on tarkistettu ja siinä on 120 sivua ja yli 200 kuvaa, 200 grammaiselle taidepainopaperille vedostettuna ja kovissa kansissa.

This book is an unique art work, not a bulk printed book. The price is higher for that reason. (Normally a 40x30cm art quality print from my images will cost 150 Eur.)

Hinnasta tulee tietysti aika korkea tällä tavoin tehtynä, toisaalta kyseessä on graafinen taideteos, ei tavallinen kirja. Periaatteessa yhden-kahden rajatun sarjan valokuvavedoksen hinnalla saa 120 kpl niitä...

Kirjan hinta on 475€, sisältäen verot ja postikulut Suomeen
Yhteydenotot sähköpostitse osoitteeseen

The price of the book is 475€, including tax.
Please, contact:

Satunnaisia kuvia kirjan sivuista
Klikkaa isommiksi. huom. tulitikkuaski mittakaavana kuvissa

Random images from the book
Click for a large image. NOTE. there is a matchbox as a scale in the images. 

Kuu, Moon

Pelikaanisumu Joutsenen tähdistössä, Pelican Nebula

Ajomiehen tähdistön kohteita, Auriga

Harsosumu, supernovajäännös Joutsenessa, Veil Nebula SNR

Sirppisumu, NGC 6888, Joutsenessa, the Crescent Nebula

Galakseja, Galaxy images

Kirjan hinta on 475€ sisältäen verot ja postikulut.
Yhteydenotot sähköpostitse osoitteeseen

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

IC 410 in Auriga, the scale in a sky

I made this zoom in series to show the actual size of this object in the sky.
I have placed a white circle, at lover Left corners, in the image series below. It shows the angular size of the full Moon in the sky. Moon has an apparent diameter ~30 arc minutes, that's equal to 0,5 degrees.

Zooming into Auriga
sorry about large image, please, bear with me

Click for a large image. NOTE. a large image, 1024 x 3800 pixels and 4,5MB

Original images used for the zoom in series, with technical data, from top to bottom

  1. At top, a 12 panel mosaic of Auriga:
  2. An eight panel mosaic of IC 405 and  410, cropped from large mosaic above

  3. A four panel mosaic of IC 405 and 410:

  4. One panel image of IC 405 and 410:

  5. A cropped closeup from image above

  6. A closeup with a longer, 2000mm, focal length: 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ones again, it's over

I feel sad to say good bye for my addiction for nearly a six months.

Astronomical darkness will end at 08.04. officially but at the moment we have only couple of hours darkness so there is not much point to do any long exposure imaging any more. Here, at 65N, we'll have next dark night at 06.09. 2012 and just for about two hours. 

All my images from the Autumn/Spring seasons 2011-2012 as a poster

 Click for a  large image, NOTE 3300x1800 pixels and 6,75MB

A slideshow

Note. Usually two palettes are shown, HST and Visual spectrum (more or less Red)
All the images, with technical details, can be found in my portfolio:

Autumn season 2011

The main work for the Autumn season 2011 was the very large 18-panel mosaic of Cygnus constellation.
Original blog post, with technical details, can be seen here:
I have no a large photographic print on my wall, image here:

The main work for the Spring season 2012 was a mosaic image too, a 12-panel mosaic of constellation Auriga. Original blog post can be seen here: 

Tools used

I shot everything in this imaging period with my camera lenses. At first with the Tokina AT-X 300 f2.8 and most of the images with Canon EF 200mm f1.8, after I managed to fix the orthogonality issue between the CCD and the lens. All images was taken with QHY9, a cooled astro camera, and Baader narrowband filter set. (H-a, O-III and S-II)
Summer time

I will update my blog regulatory during the Summer season though. I have considered about renting a remote operating scope now and then, if I'll find funds for it. An naturally I will publish my experiments too and fine tune equipment's and work flow.

Some of the publications from the season 2011-12

At end of the Spring season I had my first exhibition about astronomical imaging  in Oulu Museum of Art.
There was about twenty or so large framed prints to see and one lecture for interested.  I have hardly any images of the event, here are some bad ones with mobile phone... Unlike seen in images, there was actually lots of visitors.









My most published image, in past season, was the "Cosmic curiosity", or "?", as I named it originally.
It get printed in several Finnish news papers and online news and it was one of the "Space Picture of the week" by National Geography magazine.

Link to an original blog post: