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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

IC 410 in Auriga, the scale in a sky

I made this zoom in series to show the actual size of this object in the sky.
I have placed a white circle, at lover Left corners, in the image series below. It shows the angular size of the full Moon in the sky. Moon has an apparent diameter ~30 arc minutes, that's equal to 0,5 degrees.

Zooming into Auriga
sorry about large image, please, bear with me

Click for a large image. NOTE. a large image, 1024 x 3800 pixels and 4,5MB

Original images used for the zoom in series, with technical data, from top to bottom

  1. At top, a 12 panel mosaic of Auriga:
  2. An eight panel mosaic of IC 405 and  410, cropped from large mosaic above

  3. A four panel mosaic of IC 405 and 410:

  4. One panel image of IC 405 and 410:

  5. A cropped closeup from image above

  6. A closeup with a longer, 2000mm, focal length: 

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