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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

The Great Wall of Cygnus

 Due to very cloudy weather I have remade some of my older photos, this time the Cygnus Wall has been remade. This is a combination of several older images from 2008, 2010 and 2014. Two different longer focal length telescope was used, The Meade LX200 GPS 12" and Celestron Edge 11". Beside long focal length images material from shorter focal length optics was used from the Canon EF 200mm f1,8 and Tokina AT-x 300mm f2.8 camera optics. Older material was taken with the QHY9 astro camera and after 2014 Apogee Alta U16 camera was used. Total exposure time is around 30 hours.

The Great Wall of Cygnus
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Mapped colors from an emission of the ionized elements, Red=Sulfur, Green=Hydrogen and the Blue =Oxygen.

 Wider field
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Info about imaging technique

I have used my new processing/imaging technique VARES for this new composition (VAriable Resolution Imaging) It's really powerful toolset when data from very different focal lengths are combined to a single high resolution image. The principle is that the high signal/noise elements are from the long focal length instruments and the low signal/noise data from the short focal length optics is used to boost relatively featureless and very dim image elements. 

Orientation in North America and Pelican nebula complex

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

NIGHT FEVER, exhibition in Helsinki 14.10 - 04-12. 2021


Lapinlahdenkatu 16 C, 00180 Helsinki 

The exhibition will be open in the the evenings to highlight the

beauty and mystique of the cosmos.

Opening hours

Wed - Fri: 5pm to 9pm
Sat: 2pm to 8pm

We are also open on select Sundays and Holidays and
outside opening hours by appointment

This photograph of Melotte 15 star cluster in Cassiopeia can be seen in exhibition as a museum quality print on dibond-aluminium at size 120 x 97 cm.