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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Veil Movie3

Large version of the Veil 3D animation.

Download a high resolution movie fille here, 18MB:

The higher resolution movie, 62MB, can be downloaded from here:

Friday, December 12, 2008

Veil Movie2

A small movie about jorney trough the Veil Nebula.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Veil 3D-movie

This is really interesting! (least to me)

I divided the original 2D-Veil image to the layers by the content.

(parts of nebula, stars by size and the background)

Each layer was then projected to the 3D-surface.

The main principle is about the same as in Stereo Pair images.

In this tecnique the data is really in 3D-format though.

I think this video tels a lot about nature of this object as a 3D bubble, leftovers from

massive explosion, Supernova.

NOTE. This is not a accurate model, it's more like an educated guess about appearance.

The original 2D-image, with imaging details, can be found here:

3d-stero pair image is here:


Stero pair animation! of exploding star is here:

There is couple of hick-ups in the video, since I'm very new with any animation techniques, yet.

Video compression kils the movie here. Original

HD-quality movie has stunning details and about zilion and half more stars.

Flame Nebula Animation and the bad weather

The wearher up here leads me to do experiments, since imaging is not possible.
I have done some Stero Pair images ealier, now I have made an 3D animation based on
same general idea.
Original image,
is splitted to layers and grayscale vesion of the starless nebula image is turned to Hight map.
The Hight map is the turned to 3D-surface, stars are projected to other surfaces to
create volume information.
This is a very quik test for this technique and far better results can be archived with it.
This is an animated GIF, size is about 3Mb.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cassiopeia A as a Stereo Pair

Weather up here at 65N has been cloudy about a month now.
I played with my image of Supernova remnant, Cassiopeia A.
(Original post, with imaging details, can be found here:
In original image, I was seeing an outer shell of hydrogen gas (Green).
In this stereo image I have tryed to bring that structure out.
Two versions, first for the Parallel Vision method and Second for
the Cross Vision method.
For viewing istructions, please, look for the Right hand side menu.