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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Veil 3D-movie

This is really interesting! (least to me)

I divided the original 2D-Veil image to the layers by the content.

(parts of nebula, stars by size and the background)

Each layer was then projected to the 3D-surface.

The main principle is about the same as in Stereo Pair images.

In this tecnique the data is really in 3D-format though.

I think this video tels a lot about nature of this object as a 3D bubble, leftovers from

massive explosion, Supernova.

NOTE. This is not a accurate model, it's more like an educated guess about appearance.

The original 2D-image, with imaging details, can be found here:

3d-stero pair image is here:


Stero pair animation! of exploding star is here:

There is couple of hick-ups in the video, since I'm very new with any animation techniques, yet.

Video compression kils the movie here. Original

HD-quality movie has stunning details and about zilion and half more stars.

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