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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Zooming in to an emission nebula Sharpless 132


Since I have shot many targets with various of focal lengths I'm able to make zoom in series out of my material. This is a nice way to show the fractal nature of our universe, there is always something new to see when the detail level gets higher.
This is also a good method to show the orientation and the scale in a large context. 

A zoom in series to the Sharpless 132, Sh2-132
Click for a large image (Note a large image, 1600 x 8500 pixels)

Optical configurations used for this image series, Before year 2015, Canon EF 200 mm f1.8, Baader narrowband set and QHY9 astro camera. For long focal length work Meade GPS 12". After 2015 Celestron EDGE 11", Tokina AT-x 300 mm f2.8, Apogee Ata U16 astro camera and Astrodon narrowband filters.

photos used for the zoom in series


Tim Mitchell said...

This is so cool!

Unknown said...

Stunning work. Thank you

Unknown said...

Such deducation, wonderful photography, since my childhood have admired those who appreciate, observe our universe. Thank you sir for sharing your excellent work.