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Sunday, February 28, 2021

A new mosaic image from Taurus to Perseus 2009-2021

I have published several large mosaic images in past six months. This time my mosaic project took about 12 years to get finalized. 

49 individual panels are covering 36 x 11 degrees of sky, total exposure time is around 250 hours. Native resolution for the mosaic is 31.000 x 8.800 pixels.

There are several rarely seen objects in my mosaic, they are very dim and majority of the 250 hours of exposures was used for them. There are three supernova remnants in the panorama,  Simeis 147 at left, Sharpless 224 and Sharpless 221 are located at center of the image. They all are very dim but the Sharpless 221 is the most difficult one, it has an extremely low surface brightness and I think that my photo of Sh2-221 was the first three band color image out of it. Two large emission nebulae at right end of the mosaic must be the dimmest nebulae I have ever shot. 

From Taurus to Perseus 2009-2021
Click for a large image, it's worth it!

Image in mapped colors from the light emitted by an ionized elements, hydrogen = green, sulfur = red and oxygen = blue. NOTE, the apparent size of the Moon in a lower left corner. 

Frames used for the large mosaic
Click for a large image

I have used several optical configurations for this mosaic image during the years. Up to 2014 I was using an old Meade LX200 GPS 12" scope, QHY9 astrocam, Canon EF 200mm f1.8 camera optics and baader narrowband filter set. After 2014 I have had 10-micron 1000 equatorial mount, Apogee Alta U16 astro camera, Tokina AT-x 200mm f2.8 camera lens and the Astrodon 50mm square narrowband filter set. I have shot many details with a longer focal length, before 2014 by using Meade 12" scope with reducer and after 2014 Celestron EDGE 11" and reducer. Quider camera has been Lodestar and Lodestar II.

Details and Orientation
Click for large images

Links to some of the  individual images used in large panorama

Simeis 147

Sharpless 224 & 223

Sh2-221 & 216

Sharpless 205, NGC 1491 and  Lynds Bright Nebula 696

Jus H-alpha


joekingbaca said...

What an amazing piece of art! Thank you.

Misha Barth said...

Where can I see the full 100,000 pixel image?

Unknown said...

Great pics 👏 I like it

Anonymous said...

Hard work well worth it. This is outstanding and beautiful. I wish I could view this image in VR. Making this compatible with a VR headset would be absolutely amazing.