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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Treasures of the Swan

I made a poster format collection out of my photos from constellation Cygnus, the Swan.
This area of sky is full of wonders, emission nebulae, supernova remnants, planetary nebulae, complex networks of dark nebulae and many other objects and cosmic phenomenon. I think I can spend rest of my life by shooting this nebula complex, it's a source of never ending wonders and visual treasures.

Treasures of Cygnus
Please, click the image to see a large version, it's worth it!
(3300 x 5500 pixels)

A location for each photo is marked at the large mosaic image of constellation Cygnus at center.

Image info

At center of the poster there is a large mosaic image of constellation Cygnus. I publish this 18-panels narrow band mosaic image at 2011.

  1. The Tulip nebula (APOD),
  2. Clouds of Swan
  3. The Crescent nebula (APOD),
  4. Dark filaments of Cygnus
  5. The Pelican nebula
  6. The Great Wall of Cygnus
  7. Dark Filaments of Cygnus
  8. NGC 7000 details
  9. Sharpless 119
  10. Filaments of Cygnus
  11. Filaments of Cygnus
  12. Sharpless 115
  13. Sharpless 112
  14. Filaments of Cygnus
  15. The Propeller Nebula
  16. Cygnus Shell, W63, (APOD)
  17. LBN 251, 239 and IC 1311,
  18. PN PM 1-320,
  19. LBN 243
  20. W 134
  21. The Central Cygnus,
  22. Pelican nebula panorama
  23. Dark Clouds of Cygnus
  24. The Great Wall of Cygnus panorama

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