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Sunday, October 21, 2018

A very rare photo, Cygnus Shell, supernova remnant G82.2 + 5.3 W63

I have planned to shoot this very difficult target for many years. At this Autumn season I had a possibility to finalized my imaging project with this, not so well known, supernova remnant W63 in Western part of the constellation Cygnus.

The final photo is a twelve panel mosaic with a total exposure time of over 100h. Image is shot with a Celestron Edge 1100 (with a 0.7 focal reducer), Apogee Alta U16 and AstroDon narrowband filters (5nm H-alpha 3nm S-II and 3nm O-III) 
Individual panels are shot between years 2015 and 2018. O-III and some missed data are shot at this ongoing  Autumn season. 

Cygnus Shell, W63
Please, click for a large photo it's worth it!

Image is in mapped colours, from the emission of ionized elements, R=Sulphur, G=Hydrogen and B=Oxygen. This mosaic image of twelve individual panels covers about four degrees of sky vertically.

Cygnus Shell in a large context
Please, click for a large photo it's worth it!

The Cygnus Shell, the supernova remnant W63, can be seen as a blueish ring  at upper center.
An older 18-panel mosaic od Cygnus Nebula Complex back from 2012. Total exposure time around 150h. QHY9 astrocam, Canon AF 200mm f1.8 lens and Baader narrowband filter set.

A close up
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Filaments of an ionized hydrogen, sulfur and oxygen

Animated image
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This animation shows the shell of an ionized oxygen without H-a and S-II channels.

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Couple of calibrated and stretched 20 min exposures of O-III light

This is a really dim target...


Jack Stickney said...

Amazing work, and such dedication. Thank you for sharing your passion. I'd love to have a large, poster-sized reproduction of the mosaic. Do you plan to have a publisher create them for sale?

Josh Uddin said...

Truly amazing. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Big applause, great work. 2 comments on the original article, dunno how many on the one in business insider ;)