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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tone Mapping V2.0, my lecture at NEAIC conference, New York

Click the image to download a PDF-tutorial

Click the image to download a PDF-tutorial

I'm offering my development work for free.
Donations are welcome especially since I don't have any equipments to continue my imaging work.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Is your dropbox down? O can't get this or anything else that use dropbox :(

J-P Metsavainio said...


I'm sorry but Dropbox did something and all the links are now broken. I will publish soon a new version of "Tone Mapping" tutorial in my blog, so stay tuned.
It'll take some time to work on it, my estimation is, that it'll be ready in a month or so.


Anonymous said...

Great, can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Hi J-P,

Very interested in this tutorial. Thanks so much for making your work available to everyone. Can't wait to see it when its ready.



Sedat said...

Hello J.P., thanks for sharing your technique with the rest of us.

Did you have time to put it together? When can we expect to see the update ?

Please let us know.

Clear and dark skies to you.

Sedat Bilgebay