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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Two collections of planetary nebulae in scale

Since I don't have any equipment to continue my imaging work, I have organized my image archives. This time I made an image collection out of the planetary nebulae imaged by me. I'm trying to show here, how large they appear to be in the sky. There is an image of the Moon as a scale in the posters. The Moon has an angular diameter of about 30 arc minutes, that's equal to 0,5 degrees. I have made a similar poster out of the supernova remnants, it can be seen HERE.

A collection of planetary nebulae as a poster
Click for a full resolution image

A collection of very large planetary nebulae as a poster
Click for a full resolution image. Please, read the NOTE under the image!


A friend of mine, Sakib Rasool, contacted me for this posters. There is an error in second one.
Sh2-223 is actually an emission nebula. You can read a paper about it here:


For more information about palnetary nebulae:
All images are emission line images shot with a Baader narrowband filter set, cooled astronomical camera QHY and Meade LX200 GPS.

Links to my original photos with technical details

Poster 1

Poster 2

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