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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Astro Anarchy get published

Yesterday was an opening ceremony for the new facilities of The "Oulu Region Joint Authority for Education" in Haukipudas. One of my images was selected there as a public artwork in a main lobby.

The Cirrus of Cygnus
A very large photographic print on aluminium, 3x10m

The photo is printed on aluminium and it has a glossy finishing. This is one of the largest art prints I have ever seen. The size of the photographic prin is over 3 x 10 meters (= 10 x 33 feet) 
Even in that size, the image is very sharp, since the original image is in very high resolution due to mosaic technique used. An info board for the artwork can be seen next to the door at middle right.

An opening ceremony

Yours truly at left in a red shirt. Photo copyright OSAO

About the photo
Click for a very large image, 3000 pixels wide and 4,5MB

A mapped color image from the emission of ionized elements,
R=Sulfur, G=Hydrogen and B=Oxygen.

The image above spans about 15 degrees of sky horizontally, that's 30 fool Moons side by side in a sky!
There are nine panels seamlessly stitched together. Each panel has been shot three times for a color image by using emission line filters for Hydrogen, Oxygen and Sulfur. A camera lens, Canon EF 200mm f1.8, was used with a cooled astronomical camera, QHY9. Original image is about 20000 pixels wide . Total exposure time is around 90h.

The "Cirrus of Cygnus" is a part of a much large image of this area. 
Note! a very large image, 2300 pixels wide and 4,7MB
The Cirrus formation can be seen at upper part of the image above.

More info in this blog post:

Couple of closeups from a mosaic image above

The propeller nebula, this area can be seen at middle of bottom edge in the topmost image.
Original blog post about the Propeller Nebula:

Sharpless object 112 can be seen as a dim batch at left, near a bottom edge, next to a brighter blue area, in a topmost image.

Orientation in constellation Cygnus

It does look like a Cirrus cloud

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Unknown said...

Congratulations! A Truly magnificent piece of art.