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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Astroa Anarchy is looking for sponsors

Business corporate sponsors needed

I recently lost my imaging system due to massive short circuit. After calculating the repair cost of the current setup, it turned to be more expensive, than a new one would be.  

I'm looking for Business Corporate sponsors to support my work as an astronomical photographer. I can offer lots of visibility in my pages. A free usage right to my photos is negotiable.

I have a plan for a new set up, the estimated cost will be around 25.000 Euros. (That's about 34.000$)
The new system will have a new telescope mount and the optics will be 14" SCT converted to a f2 astrograph, with the HyperStar system.  (The price is low for a high end system, since I have lots of usable material from my old setup and I will do the actual labor by myself.) 

How much visibility can be generated?

It's difficult to give any exact numbers, since I have Several channels to publish my images. My blog have had about 20.000 monthly visitors starting from the year 2007. My image portfolio have had about 15.000 monthly visitors, starting from the year 2010. Beside that, I have Facebook page for my photographs, it has about 1200 friends and about as many followers. Images get shared a lot by a popular Facebook pages.

Quite regularly my images get published by a very popular websites, like NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day or National Geographic, there is a collection of publishers logos at  upper right corner of this page.
Any time the photo get published by a popular page, it will get easily millions of views.

Contact for more information

jp.metsavainio (a.t.)

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Janis Elsons said...

How you calculated the Repair costs? Did you spoke with Meade authorized dealer?

J-P Metsavainio said...

Hi Janis,

There is so many issues in there.
First. the scope is not in production anymore and it's difficult to find any spare parts, Meade Europe is not very responding anyhow.

The optics has serious damages due to acid in city air and they needs to be renewed too, that's very expensive. The whole system is not actually build originally for a serious astroimaging device and I have done too many DIY solutions with second rate parts. The total sum for repair will be too high to be back in the starting point.