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Monday, February 10, 2014

All my images from the Spring season 2014

This is a small collection of my images, shot at Spring 2014. There are not many images and new ones aren't coming anytime soon, since my main telescope system has toasted beyond any repairI'm having a hard time trying to figure out, how to restore my observatory to an imaging condition with a very limited assets. 

I managed to get some really rare images though. I think, that both supernova remnant images, Sharpless 221 and G65.3+5.7 SNR, are the first three band color images, showing the whole remnant, in the world! If someone is able to find other images, I'm very interested to hear about it. Both SNR images are kind of long projects. Exposure time for the G65.3+5.7 SNR 38 hours and for the Sharpless 221 was 33 hours, with the planetary nebula Sharpless 216, 58 hours. (Image at the bottom of the poster.)

Main work for the season was the large, ten panels mosaic of the constellation Cepheus. Every pane is shot three times to have a narrow band color composition. Total exposure time was 92 hours, it includes shots from six different years. 

All images from the Spring season -14 are shot with the Canon EF200mm f1.8 camera lens (full open), QHY9 a cooled astronomical camera and the Baader narrowband filters, H-a, S-II and O-III.

All my images from the Spring season 2014 as a poster
Click to see at full scale, 1600x2600 and 5MB

Images are in Natural color palette from the emission of ionized elements, 
R=Hydrogen + Sulfur, G=Oxygen and B=Oxygen + Hydrogen.


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