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Monday, February 24, 2014

Exploded stars as an experimental 3d-stereopair

Images are for two different viewing methods, the first  is for the Parallel Vision method and the second one for the Cross Vision method. Viewing instructions can be seen HERE.

Anaglyph versions, for the Red/Cyan glasses, can be found from my portfolio HERE.

NOTE! This is a personal vision about volumes and shapes, based on some known facts and an artistic impression.

Image of Sh-221 and Sh2-216 as an experimental 3D study
Two ways to end a life of the star in a same seven degrees field of view!

For Parallel Vision method

For Cross Vision Method

Original blog post about this photo can be seen HERE


Just next to Sh2-221 locates a closest known planetary nebula, Sh2-216. This is also a very rarely images target, due to its low surface brightness and large angular dimension. This mosaic image covers over seven degrees of sky vertically. (The Moon has an apparent dimension of 0.5 degrees.)  Mosaic is made out of my new data of Sh2-221 and an older material of Sh2-216. Some new exposures was taken for the Sh2-216 to match the background for a mosaic image. 

Image shows two different ways to end a life of the star. At left, as a Supernova and at right as a Planetary Nebula. (Massive stars will go to a Supernova, after burning out all of the Hydrogen. There will be a Neutron star or a Black Hole left behind. Lighter stars, as our Sun, will turn to a Planetary Nebula, after ran out of Hydrogen. There is a core of the star left behind, it's called a White Dwarf  and it will cool down gradually. ) 

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