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Friday, January 3, 2014

An experimental 3D-studie, Sharpless 132, Sh2-132

Images are for two different viewing methods, the first  is for the Parallel Vision method and the second one for the Cross Vision method. Viewing instructions can be seen HERE.

NOTE! This is a personal vision about volumes and shapes, based on some known facts and an artistic impression.

3D-freeview stereopairs of Sh2-132 
An emission nebula in Cepheus

Parallel Vision

Cross Vision

An original 2D-image of mine, used for the 3D-conversion above

A blog post about this image, with the technical details, can be found HERE
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Please, let me know, if you are able to see 3D-stereo pairs, by leaving a comment.
If there are no  viewers, I'll stop posting my 3D-experiments, since they can be kind of confusing.

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Marcin said...

I can see it and it looks cool. Good work. Thank you.

Sami Jumppanen said...

I can see 3D from 4" phone screen. I wish I had 3D TV! Will try later on computer monitor. The 3D effect is strong.

JoelQ said...

Fantastic work. I can see both types of visions though I can't see it clearly at such close distance. I hope you'll share the technique soon.

Anonymous said...

I can easily see the 3D effect on my laptop from about 18 inches away; parallel or cross-eyed. Thank you.