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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Astro Anarchy gets published

My works are selected as a public content for a pedestrian zone in my home town Oulu, Finland.
There is a very large display unit at the end of the zone, 5.12 x 3.2 meters (over 16 x 10 feet). Four different sets of my astronomical photographs and animations are running there as a slide show, January 2014.

I have had my images in the same public screen before, January at last year. This time there is not only normal images but also my experimental 3D-work. The show will run at every 15-25 minutes or so and last about three minutes at the time.

The public show of my experimental astronomical 2D to 3D converted images, January 2014

An animated 3D-model of the Bubble Nebula in a very large public screen

This is one of the movies, visible in a public screen

A low resolution sample, click to start. Duration about three minutes.

All my astronomical photographs can be found from my PORTFOLIO.

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