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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

All of my images from the Autumn season 2013

This season was kind of unlucky to me. I planned to shoot longer focal length images at this Autumn with my 12" Meade. Unfortunately there was serious technical problems with my gears and I was forced to move to a wide field instrumentation. All this took lots of time and top of that, the weather up here, 65N, wasn't very supportive.   My main work for the autumn season 2013was a rarely imaged supernova remnant in Cygnus known as G65.3+5.7SNR

A collection of my images from the Autumn season 2013 as a poster. 
Click for a large image

List of Autumn 2013 images in chronological order
With a link to an original blog post

  1. A closeup of the Butterfly Nebula, published at September 24.
  2. The Eastern Veil Nebula, NGC 6992, published at October 15.
  3. Sharpless 132, Sh2-132, published at October 18.
  4. Sharpless 106, Sh2-106, published at October 20.
  5. Veil nebula supernova remnant, published at December 10.
  6. Supernova remnant G65.3+5.7SNR, published at December 12.
  7. NGC 6823 and many other targets in a same field, published at December 16.
  8. Cepheus mosaic, four panels, published at December 18.
  9. Sharpless 129, Sh2-129, and the planetary nebula candidate, OU4 are part of the Cepheus mosaic.

Some new experimental work

I made a series of artworks out of my astronomical images by flipping and rotating the image. Every picture is made out of the single astronomical image of mine. The result shows the Nebula at many different orientation simultaneously. All my experiments can be found from my PORTFOLIO Do you recognized what has been the original astronomical object?

Vision  XII, from the series Visions of Space

This is one of my artworks based on an original astronomical photograph shot by me.
Image belongs to a large series of  images called  Visions of Space.
Note. Image is manipulated but all the elements in it are from a real astronomical object.

Some publications

I got my sixth NASA APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day)

I have made several 3D-studies out of my astronomical images. Couple of my animations gets widely published, here are few samples:

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