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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cygnus mosaic in natural colors, reprocessed

I haven't been able to open up this season yet, since some of my equipment are not yet  back from the factory service. To keep up my processing skills, I reprocessed the great 18-panels mosaic image of Cygnus. Mapped color version was very much OK but I wasn't happy with natural color version.

The 18-panels mosaic of nebulae in constellation Cygnus
Click for a large image. NOTE. A large image, 2300x1500 pixels and ~5MB

Image is in visual spectrum, red light is emitted by an ionized Hydrogen (H-alpha). Blueish hues are from ionized Oxygen (O-III). NOTE. An apparent size of the full Moon is marked at lower right corner as a scale

This 18-panels mosaic is hot with Canon EF 200mm F1.8 camera lens, QHY9 cooled astronomical camera and the Baader narrowband filter set. Total exp. time is around 120h. More information with the original blog post  HERE. Original image is 15.000 pixels wide and over 300MB.

A detail from the image above to show the image resolution
Click for a large image

Not a bad resolution for a 200mm camera lens!

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