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Monday, September 16, 2013

An experimental 3D-study of the Heart nebula, IC 1805

I haven't been able to open up this season yet, since some of my equipment are not yet back from the factory service.

This is an experimental test with a 3D-conversion of my astronomical images. Only real elements from my original image are used, there is nothing added but the volumetric information!

NOTE. This is a personal vision about shapes and volumes, based on some scientific data and an artistic impression.

Heart Nebula, IC 1805, as an experimental 3D-model
NOTE. A largish image, about 7.5MB, let it load for few seconds.

My original image of the Nebula is used for the animation
Click for the large image

Image in natural color is taken with the SW 80ED telescope, QHY8 astronomical camera and the Baader UHC-s filter. Exposure time ~5h.

More 3D-experiments can be seen here:

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