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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Treasures of Cygnus

I'm still waiting for an astronomical darkness to come, up here 65N. One of the best targets for astronomical imagers in Autumn sky is the nebula complex in constellation Cygnus. That'll be my first imaging target in this Autumn as well. I'll be able to shoot it around mid September.

The collection

I made a collection out of my Cygnus images. Pictures are taken between 2007-2013 with different instruments. Closeups are taken with my longer focal length instrument, an old Meade LX200 12" telescope. Wider field images are taken by using two camera lenses, Tokina AT-X 300 f2.8 and Canon EF 200mm f1.8 lens, both full open. All images are shot with QHY9 astronomical camera and the Baader narrowband filter set, H-alpha, Oxygen and Sulfur. 

Be sure to click the image to see it in full scale!
Note. a large image, ~7MB

A collection of my images of constellation Cygnus. Photos are shot between 2007-2013.
The top most image is a large 18-panels mosaic of Cygnus, it spans 22x14 degrees of sky! (An apparent size of the full Moon fits in this area over 1200 times.)  At middle, there are images of individual objects. All but the Veil nebula supernova remnant, can be seen in top most image.
At the bottom , there is a single panoramic image of "Cirrus of Cygnus", it's from the top part of the large mosaic at a top. I added it as an individual image, since it's full of very dim filaments of gas, the formation is over 1000 light years long. I haven't seen a separate color image of this are before.

Technical data and other information

You will found all the images in this collection from my portfolio with technical details.

Collection of images from the Veil nebula supernova remnant
Note. a large image, ~3MB

I have published this image at Autumn 2012, more info in this blog post:

The Cygnus mosaic
Note. A large image 2200x1400 pixels and ~5MB.

The large mosaic of constellation Cygnus covers 22x14 degrees of sky. Total exposure time with QHY9 astrocam and Baader narrowband filters is ~120h.

A Chinese Dragon Nebula

The large panorama of Cygnus looks very much like a "Chinese Dragon"!
Original blog post here: