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Monday, August 19, 2013

A two frame mosaic image, from Butterfly to the Crescent Nebula

I'm posting this older photo, since it hasn't been posted as an individual image before.
This is a two frame mosaic from the constellation Cygnus, showing the Butterfly and Crescent Nebulae. Image is shot at Nov. 18. 2011.
This image is part of a much large, 18-panel, mosaic of the constellation Cygnus.

Butterfly and Crescent Nebulae
in constellation Cygnus
Click the image to see it in large scale!

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A two panel mosaic image in mapped colors, colors for ionized elements, Red = Sulfur, Green = Hydrogen and Blue = Oxygen. Total exposure time for this image is around 5h.

Image is one part of this massive 18-panel mosaic of the Cygnus constellation 
Note. A large image 2200x1400 pixels and ~5MB.

18-panel mosaic of the constellation Cygnus, image is in mapped colors. The area of interest. in top most photo. can be seen at middle of this large mosaic.
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Technical details can be seen behind the link bellow.

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