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Monday, October 10, 2011

Series of panoramas

Images in this post are trying to show, how they looks, if hanging on the wall

I made a small series of  panoramas for a printing purposes for a customer. They turned to be so nice looking, that I publish them here too. 
Some of the images are meant to be printed as two framed copy, like a sample above, and then placed side by side. 
Some of the printed images will be huge, about 200cm x 80cm / copy! Final two frames panoramic pair will be over four meters wide... luckily there are enough resolution for that , with most of my images. 

For an example, a price for a high quality framed  canvas will be about 300-350€ / one square meter,  100 x 100 cm. ( = ~3.3 x3.3 feet) There are many other framing and media options.

Few sample images on a wall
Click for large images

Bubble Nebula

California Nebula

Butterfly and Crescent Nebulae

Sharpless 119

Sombrero Glaxy, M104

Pack Man Nebula

Silver Dollar Galaxy, two frames

Silver Dollar Galaxy, one frame

Moon ( This image doesn't look like a normal Moon image, explanation HERE)

Cloeup of the Lagoon Nebula

I will open up soon a collection of framed samples, in my portfolio. It will make easier to see, how my images might look on the wall. 
Any of images in my portfolio, can be ordered as a print, practically in any size.
Imagination is only limit with printing and framing options.

BTW. No matter, where you live, since I'm able to use a nearest printing service to your location, to minimize delivery and customs costs. 

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Anonymous said...

Hei kuvat ovat todella mahtavia! jatkossakin onnea taivaskuvauksiin ...elämän totuutta aina etsien avaruudestakin!