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Sunday, October 9, 2011

An animation of DWB 111, the "Propeller Nebula", stars vs starless

The starless version shows the actual nebula. It's funny, how much details one can see from the nebula, 
when all stars are removed. An experimental method used for star removal has become very accurate.
A starlike dot, in up center left, is a planetary nebula PK 79+5.1, a large bluish area, 
to seven a clock direction from PK 79+5.1, is a possible planetary nebula PN PM 1-320.

This image was my first light for the Autumn season 2011. 
Original blog post, with technical details, can be found from HERE.
Above image of the Propeller Nebula, from Cygnus constellation, looks very much like a piece of marble tile bellow.

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