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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Veil Nebula in O-III light

Veil Nebula with O-III filter only.
This is a start of the new project.
I will shoot The Veil Nebula in two color narrowband,
where O-III is Blue and H-alpha is Red, Green will be
synthesized from Red and Blue.
Not a very good star though, at fist night (29.09.) I was able to shot
only three 20min. frames. Thats a way too litle for O-III light.
I'll shoot more , if weather up here ever permits it,
two more hours is needed here, I think.
In the final image O-III will be precented as Blue color.
Tokina 300 AT-X @ f2.8, is a very good lens for this target,
the field of view is perfect march for the Veil.
Here is an image where stars are removed,
it's interesting to see how far the O-III area really goes.
For more information about this object, please, go here:
Imaging data: - Camera, QHY8
Filters, Baader 8,5nm O-III - Optics, Tokina AT-X 300mm @ f2.8 -
Exposures, 3 X 1200 O-III + flats and bias -
Guiding, LX200 GPS 12" + PHD-guiding and Lodestar

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