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Monday, September 29, 2008

Butterfly Nebula in narrowband colors

At last I was able to shot S-II channel for this image!
Last night was stormy and since I don't have a proper observatory, wind made
imaging really difficult. About half of the frames was shot trough speeding clouds.
In this image colors are showing difference between Double ionized Sulfur (Red),
Hydrogen alpha (Green) and triple ionized Oxygen (Blue).
This palette is generally known as a Hubble palette by the palette used to processing images
from Space telescope Hubble. Compared to my previous images, more details can be seen here.
Imaging data:
Camera, QHY8
Filters, Baader 7nm H-alpha and Baader 8,5nm O-III
 Optics, Tokina AT-X 300mm @ f2.8
Exposures, 5 X 1200s H-alpha 3 X 1200s O-III
4 X 1200s S-II + flats and bias
-Guiding, LX200 GPS 12" + PHD-guiding and Lodestar
Just noticed, that there is a cosmic Seagull in the image!
It just reising its wings.
Cosmic Sealgull

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