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Monday, June 30, 2008

Reprocessed material from winter 2007-08

Here in northern Finland we have now a mandatory pause for astro imaging doe the high latitude.
Now is good time to reorganize image archives and improve processing skils. Few new images was found from my HD, like material for M45 image. I just place images here with they name. Imaging details can be found from original posts.
All the images are taken with QHY8 camera trough various optical conficurations.
Note! Some fo the images are in high resolution.
Klick for the large image.


Horse Head nebula


North America Nebula
Veil Nebula, Eastern part Pelican Nebula M13
M13 + few galaxys
NGC 4565 (gropped) M33 M51 IC 1936 California Nebula
Bubble Nebula
Elephants trunk Nebula
The core of the Hearth Nebula Harth and Soul Flaming Star Nebula and friends California Nebula Rosette Nebula

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