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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

M106, update

Now it's over here, nights are not astronomically dark anymore.
- I managed to shoot 18.04. three more hours for M106. The outer halo is now somehow more visble but massive light pollution, in my location, eats out lots of it, IDAS LP filter helpped though.. _ I used longer subs, 1200s, for this secon tryout. 9 x 1200s = 3h - There is older subs, 8x900s from 17.04, combined to this new image, so there is 5h total exposure time used.
Same setup, than in previous post.
I'm very pleased to functionality of SXV-AO active optics unit.
Becouset of AO, many details can be seen in the core of the M106 galaxy.
Processing was difficult doe the gradients coused by LP.
There is some deconvolution and wavelets used in processing
to bring out details more cleary.

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