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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sh2-240, four more hours.

This is a false color image of the Sh2-240. Image of the object with no stars was added as lighten mode to the Red channel, under PS.
h-alpha image.
This is really difficult target! I can see effects of light pollution here, even with 7nm H-a filter. Bad gradients etc... This time I shooted 4 X 3600s = One hour subs! My record so far. Longer subs are needed to bring out very faint structure of this object. So far there is about 7h exposures, I thin an other 10 hous is needed here. I'll shoot more when weather allows.
Inverted version
This is a version with no stars (image processing trick) to bring out the structure better. This image was used to make a false color image.

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