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Sunday, March 9, 2008

M13, second tryout

Gropped area from M13. The extended exposuretime reveals more and more dim stars around the core.
After I was shooting Sh2-240, I moved to M13. This is a second tryout at this season. Weather was ok to shoot with 200mm lens, but with2000mm situation was different. Very bad seeing and since I shoot from very center of the city, there was lots of heat current from buildings. M13 altitude was between 30 and 45degrees. Moust of the frames are shooted trough not so thin clouds. This time I composed image so, that I was able to placea litle galaxy, NGC 6207, at the same field of view. There is 5 x 10min and 11 x 5min, unfiltered subs used in the image.I allso add lights from previous tryout, 7 x 15min, IDA filter. Total exp. time is three and half hours.Camera: QHY8, telescope: LX200 GPS 12", Guiding: SXV-AO+LodeStar. Image is scaled down
The "Shadows and Highlights" tool under Photoshop is great for targets like this!
I can pull out dimmer stars as much as I like without blowing up the core.

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