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Monday, December 31, 2007

DS images from 2004-07

Older DS images from 2005-7
M31 is beautiful and very problematic target. Large angular size, low surfage brightness and large dynamic range combined to heavily light polluted location, is not a good combination. Anyhow, here is the result this time. I really need a darker location. SW80ED and QHY8 guiding LX200+QHY5+PHD-guiding 4h total exposure time.
M33 is adifficult target from light polluted evnironment.I use four hours of exposures for this. Noise porblem and very low S/N are coused by LP. SW80ED QHY8, guided with LX200+QHY5+PHD-guiding
I had some extra time, so i went trough my archives. Here it is famous 17P/Holmes. At the time it was easy to spot with naked eye. Two hours of exposures with QHY8 and SW80ED.
M56 & M66
NGC 4565
NGC 5907 (Pizza?)
M82 M106 Sun Flower Galaxy


My very first DS image ever.
I was very proud, that I was able to see spiral arms
in my picture! Image is taken in Alt/Az mode acd there was
only 12x30s subs, no guiding.

NGC3718, thanks for solving it Philipp

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