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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Super Zoom to my photo, the Grand Mosaic of the Milky Way Revision 2

4K Super Zoom to my photo
Grand Mosaic of the Milky Way Revision 2

Super Zoom to the Milky Way, note, best to see in full screen

It took over 12 years to finalize this massive photo of Milky Way
Blog post with a zoomable image, please, have a look here:

  • Panorama spans 145 x 22 degrees of sky (Full Moon covers 0,5 degrees of sky)
  • Resolution 120.000 x 18.000 pixels
  • Photos has 2.2 gigapixels in it, the spatial resolution is equal to 8.8 gigapixel image from color camera since all the channels are in native resolution.
  • There are least nine confirmed supernova remnants in this panorama
  • About 25 million stars are visible in the photo
  • Distance to the nebulae in the image between 350 to 20.000 light years
  • Exposure time over 1500 hours between 2009 - 2021
  • 301 individual images are stitched together seamlessly 
  • It took about 12 years to finalize this photo
  • Narrowband image from light of ionized elements,    hydrogen = green, sulfur = red and oxygen = blue
  • Processing time for the whole panorama, way too large part of my life

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