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Friday, February 25, 2022

4K HYPER Zoom to the Milky Way and a Bubble Nebula

I have made couple of 4K videos out of my massive 145 degree Milky Way panorama. In the video you can see the actual resolution of this massive image. This time I'm zooming into the Bubble Nebula in cassiopeia at distance of about 12.000 light years.

Super Zoom to The Bubble nebula (44 seconds)

Best seen as a full screen and better yet, with a 4K display, direct link to the YouTube:

Info about the large panorama of the Milky Way
(Click the image to enter)

Over a decade, 1500 exposure hours and 301 individual frames visible in one image
NOTE, image of the Full Moon as a scale in lover left corner.

Info about the Bubble Nebula
(Click the image to enter)

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