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Monday, September 13, 2021

Beyond the astronomical photography

NOTE. Vision series artworks are soon to be sold as NFT  @SuperRare

 I’m an astrophotographer but first of all I’m a visual artist, as an artist, I’m dazzled by all the forms I’m able to capture in my photos of cosmic objects, nebulae, supernova remnants, galaxies, etc. Colors from ionized elements are connected to the shapes and textures, they form a physical reality around us.

I’m telling a story with my photos, and many times my artworks are also personal notes. The Vision series of photos are forming visual notes about shapes, structures, textures, and colors I have seen and captured during my couple of decades-long journey as an astronomical nature photographer.

Every single element in Vision series photos are from my original astronomical photos. I have been using the Overlapping Lightning Method (Multi Exposure Method) to create my Vision series photographs. By this method the forms and structures in astronomical object get multiplied, they are now forming a new visual dimension beyond our physical universe.

The photographic method I'm using was fashionable back in the 1920s among avant-gardists and surrealistic photographers.  At the time the work was done in a darkroom, I’m using about the same technique but instead of a darkroom, I’m using digital image processing.

The original photo is rotated, moved, and/or mirrored as I like, and then multiple layers stacked back together so that the original brightness is maintained. For this task, I use Photoshop and various astronomical stacking methods and applications.

Few samples of my Vision Series, the original astronomical photo I used to create them at end of the page.

Visions of Veil
Please, click for a large image 

Visions  of Veil series is based on my original photo

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