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Friday, December 4, 2020

Cassiopeia mosaic gets larger, now up to Cepheus

 I started this imaging project at Spring season 2020m now I have shot more frames for this active region of the sky. At center of the photo lays the Bubble and cave nebula At lower left locates the Cederblad 214 and just few degrees to right from it lays the supernova remnant CTB1, it can be seen as a thin ring like formation. The Wizard nebula can be seen at upper right corner of the image. Note. there is a moon as a scale at a lower left corner of the image. This is a large area of space and I I have now join this mosaic image to a large one from 2012. I will continue this mosaic soon!

There is an interesting looking dim and large circular formation at center left, there is a bright star at almost center of it. Could this be an uncataloged supernova remnant?

Total exposure time is now around 150 hours, if older exposures are included. with my current wide field imaging system build around the Tokina AT-x 300 mm f2.8 camera optics.  Astro Don 50x50 mm square  narrowband filters, 5nm H-alpha, 3nm O-III and 3nm S-II. Camera is a massive Apogee Alta U16.

This mosaic has now twenty individual frame stitched seamlessly together, 

From cassiopeia to cepheus
Click for a much large image, it's worth it! (1400 x 2200 pixels)

Image is in mapped colors from a light from the ionized elements, hydrogen = green, sulfur = red and oxygen = blue. NOTE, there is an image of the Moon at the same scale in lower left corner.

Click for a much large image

Previous version of the mosaic
Click for a much large image

Start of this imaging project at this year
Click for a large image

Image info,

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Unknown said...

Hi, what fantastic pictures, is there any way I can buy a large size version, really appreciate your work! Thanks