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Friday, April 24, 2020

All my photos from the Winter season 2020 in visual colors

I have published this image poster in mapped colors at April 15. 2020
It can be seen here, We have lost the astronomical darkness for about six months, up here 65 North.
Next time I'm going to be able to do the deep sky imaging will be at mid September 2020.

This time I'm publishing the same image set in visual colors.  Colors are combined from narrowband channels emission from an ionized hydrogen, sulfur and oxygen (H-alpha, S-II and O-III) are combined by following method;
Hydrogen and sulfur are both in red channel, oxygen has split between green and blue channel.

I was able to have my imaging system up and running very late, at first week of January 2020. I build my imaging system around an old Tokina AT-x 300mm f2.8 camera lens by mating the Apogee Alta U16 camera with it. Not an easy task due to very large CCD in Apogee camera and lack of back focus distance in Tokina lens.
I even used an angle grinder to shorten up the lens!
Some info and images about my imaging tools can be seen here,

I made a poster format presentation about all of my new photos from the Winter season 2020.
There are some very rare images from this imaging season. Photo 2 in poster might be the first three band image of this nebula pair. Photo 12 might be the first color image ever showing this area in sky. Boths targets are dim to extreme and lots of exposure time was needed even though I was using very fast optical configuration  (Under sampled optics, ~6 arcseconds/pixel)

Winter season 2020
A very large image, 3300 x 4800 pixels and 17 MB

All of the photos in this poster has been taken with the Tokina AT-x 300mm f2.8 camera lanes, Apogee Alta U16 astronomical camera and the Astrodon narrowband filter set. (5nm H-alpha, 3nm S-II and 3nm O-III) All photos have been shot from my down town observatory. Location is very light polluted, the sky quality is  Bortle scale eight!

  1. Cederblad 214 and Sh2-170,
  2. Supernova remnant and a planetary nebula in a same field of view,
  3. From Bubble to Cave Nebula,
  4. Supernova remnant CTB1,
  5. Supernova remnant IC 443,
  6. NGC 1499, the California Nebula
  7. IC 405 & IC 410,¨
  8. IC 63 & NGC 281,
  9. Simeis 147,
  10. Heart Nebula
  11. C 1396, the Elephant's Trunk Nebula
  12. The Grande Mosaic of Auriga
  13. Sharpless 205, NGC 1491 and  Lynds Bright Nebula 696,
  14. The Grande Mosaic of Auriga

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