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Friday, March 6, 2020

The Birth of Venus

I posted yesterday a photo of IC 405 & IC 410 area in constellation Auriga. I noticed that it was partly overlapping with my latest supernova remnant photo, the Simeis 147.
I was able to make a mosaic image from those two photos. I selected this unorthodox composition to publish my photo since it has a deeper meaning to me.

This composition has a same spirit, than a famous Italian painting The Birth of Venus (Nascita di Venere) by Botticelli, made in mid 1480.
When we are looking the remains of the supernova, we are looking the birthplace of building blocks we are made of. All the heavier elements than hydrogen and helium are formed in supernova explosion, like iron, oxygen and carbon. That's the real birth place of Venus!

The Birth of Venus
Click for a large image

Image is in mapped colors, Simeis 147 supernova remnant at top, IC 410 and iC 405 at bottom left.

The Birth of Venus, a central part of the painting was my inspiration.
Note, only central part of the painting is shown here. The whole painting of  Botticelli can be seen here,

The whole painting

Source, Wikipedia,

Technical details for upper and lower mosaic panel.

Panel 1, Simeis 147, technical details

Panel 2, IC 405 & IC 410, technical details

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