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Wednesday, January 15, 2020


I was imaging at December 31. Since my observatory locates at centrum of the city, there was lots of fireworks going on around. One of my 20 min sub frames captured a big one! Image was taken with a Tokina 300mm f2.8 camera lens, 5 nm H-alpha filter and Apogee Alta U16 astronomical camera.

Click for a large image

H-alpha shot of firework looks kind of neat

Technical details

Processing workflow

Image acquisition, MaxiDL v5.07.
Calibrated in CCDStack2.
Levels and curves in PS CS3.

Imaging optics
Tokina AT-x 300mm f2.8 camera lens

10-micron 1000

Cameras and filters
Imaging camera Apogee Alta U16 and Apogee seven slot filter wheel
Guider camera, Lodestar x 2 and an old spotting scope of Meade LX200

Astrodon filters,
5nm H-alpha

Total exposure time

H-alpha, 1 x 1200 s, binned 1x1 = 20 min.

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