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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy new year!

This post is about all of my astronomical photos from the year 2017

All my photos from the Spring and Autumn seasons of 2017 are taken with my imaging setup. Celestron Edge HD 1100 with 0.7 reducer at 10-micron mount. Apogee Alta U16 camera with Astrodon narrowband filters and an active optics unit, SXV AO LF, from Starlight Xpress.

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Year 2017 as an image poster
Please, click for a large image, 2400 x 3500 pixels, 6MB

Individual blog posts about images in the poster with the technical details. (Up left to lower right)

  1. A six panel mosaic of the Sharpless 119,
  2. A detail of Sharpless 119,
  3. WR 134,
  4. Sharpless 188,
  5. IC 63,
  6. Sharpless 140,
  7. A detail of Sharpless 119,
  8. A detail of Southern Cygnus,
  9. A 12 panel mosaic of the Central Cygnus,

Year 2017

Overall the year 2017 was very cloudy up here 65N. Due to very high latitude we have only six months of usable astronomical darkness. Light pollution is increasing year after year. My observatory locates at roof top of the building in very centre of the city of Oulu. I can shoot only narrowband data from my location due to intense light pollution. In pas years the old mercury and sodium lamps has been replaced with new LED-lamps. The light from old lamps, yellowish glow, has kind of narrow band width and my 3 nm filters easily filter it out. The new LED-based lightning system emits light at very wide spectrum and even photos taken with 3 nm filters shows some artefacts from light pollution. At the same time the total amount of light power has grown year after year. That means a very bright future to us children of night.

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