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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A quick one, Sharpless 140 in Cepheus

I have worked with an imaging project and the target is kind of dim. Many nights are needed for final photo. Every night I need to wait couple of hours to have this dim target in good position.
This new image is shot during couple of mandatory waiting periods. Nothing spectacular but I kind of like the result.

Sharpless 140, (Sh2-140)
Please, click for a large image

A bicolor composition by the light of ionized elements, hydrogen and oxygen. (H-alpha and O-III)

H-alpha emission alone
Please, click for a large image


Sh2-140 is an HII emission nebula on the southwest edge of the Lynds 1204 darn nebula. It is also on the edge the Cephus Ring, a ring of molecular gas and dust. Invisible in this image, there are about fifty young stars deeply embedded in the dark gas in the lower-left corner of the image.
Source, National Optical Astronomy Observatory, NOAO

Orientation in Cepheus
Please, click for a large image (2900 x 1700 pixels)

location of the Sharpless 140 is marked as white rectangle at top middle right. I have shot this wide field mosaic image of Cepheus back in 2014, the original blog post with technical detail can be found HERE

Technical details

Processing work flow

Image acquisition, MaxiDL v5.07.
Stacked and calibrated in CCDStack2.
Deconvolution with a CCDStack2 Positive Constraint, 21 iterations, added at 25% weight
Color combine in PS CS3
Levels and curves in PS CS3.

Imaging optics
Celestron Edge HD 1100 @ f7 with 0,7 focal reducer for Edge HD 1100 telescope
Canon EF 200mm f1.8 camera optics (For S-II and O-III channels)
10-micron 1000
Meade LX200 GPS 12" (For S-II and O-III channels)

Cameras and filters
Imaging camera Apogee Alta U16 and Apogee seven slot filter wheel
Guider camera, Lodestar x2 and SXV-AOL
QHY9 (For S-II and O-III channels)

Astrodon filter, 5 nm H-alpha
Astrodon filter, 3 nm O-III

Exposure times
H-alpha, 6 x 1200 s binned 2x2 
O-III, 2 x 1200 s binned 4x4 = 

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