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Monday, August 22, 2016

Astro anarchy gets published, Large print of the central Cygnus

This large 100 x 400 cm (3.3 x 13.2 feets) print out of  my photo of the Cygnus is located in Creative Laboratory (Luova Laboratorio) Oulu, Finland.

A large print
Please, click for a full size photo

Image is printed on canvas with an aluminium frame. The size is 100 x 400 cm (3.3 x 13.2 feets) 
This is a very high resolution mosaic image and it can be printed even much larger scale without losing any sharpness. The printed photo is actually a part from a large mosaic picture of constellation Cygnus. The whole 18-panels mosaic can be seen HERE 

Older large public artworks out of my photos

Path of Swans, Svenska Private School, Oulu, Finland, 2014

Print on aluminium, 360 x 160 (142 x 63 inch) More info HERE

Cirrus of Cygnus,  The "Oulu Region Joint Authority for Education" in Haukipudas, 2014

Print on aluminium, over 3 x 10 meters (10 x 33 feets) More info HERE

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