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Friday, April 22, 2016

Who turn out the lights? Sharpless 114 with and without stars

Now and then I publish experimental starless versions of my photos. They have a special eerie feel in them but they also reveal more details in the actual nebula. This time I made a small animation out of the Sharpless 114 (Sh2-114) in Eastern Cygnus.

Sharpless 114 with and without stars
To see the details, you really should click the image large!

It's easy to see how much more details are visible in a starless version. Especially the very dim  ones stand out better. A blog post about this photo, with the technical detail, can be found from HERE.
Note. The blue dot at top right is a planetary nebula Kn 26.

Why star removal?

I haven't developed the star removal technique just for playing with it. It's used in my Tone Mapping image processing technique as a tool. I'm also using it as a tool, when I like to hunt down dim and diffused details under a dense starfield of the Milky Way.

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