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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Astro Anarchy, the year 2015

This post is about all of my astronomical photos from the year 2015

All my photos from the Spring and Autumn seasons of 2015 are taken with my new imaging setup. Celestron Edge HD 1100 with 0.7 reducer at 10-micron mount. Apogee Alta U16 camera with Astrodon filters and an active optics unit, SXV AO LF, from Starlight Xpress.

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Year 2015 as an image poster
Please, click for a large image, 1920 x 2800 pixels, 5MB

Individual blog posts about images in the poster with the technical details. (Up left to lower right)

A short video out of my 2015 photos
(I tested some morphing algorithm, duration 2:58)

As usually, I made my experimental 3d-studies out of my astrophotos. Here is a collection out of them.

A deep deep space
A HD video, ~11 min.

 Original movie is in HD 1080p resolution. Please, click the Youtube logo at lower right to see this video in Youtube. Click the Gear symbol, at lower right in Youtube window, and select the Quality to 1080p.
Then watch the video in full screen for the best viewing experience.
More info about technique used,
Some highlights of the year 2015 
In reversed chronological order

This is a broadband LRGB image of the Rosette Nebula from a remote observatory in Tenerife.

This photo get published by WIRED and CNET

Dr.Ioannis - Hugh Seiradakis Professor of the Physics Department of AUTH
J-P Metsavainio Finnish astrophotographer
The Dr.Fiori Anastasia Metallinou is an associate of the Institute of Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Remote Sensing of the National Observatory of Athens.
Dr.Kosmas gauze is Lecturer of the Department of Astrophysics, Astronomy and Mechanics, University of Athens

Two concerts with two vocal ensemble Cappella pro Vocale from Oulu and Punctum from Rovaniemi. Thousand year old vocal music with my astronomical photos turned to be a timeless combination.

My imageshow was matched with music and it was projected on the walls and ceiling with four power projectors. Concert took place in two places, first one was in Oulu, Finland at the Church of St Thomas, the second one took place in Rovaniemi in Northern Finland at the Chapel of Korkalovaara.

Concert in Rovaniemi, Chapel of Korkalovaara at Polar Circle (Image is taken during rehearsal)

Concert in my hometown Oulu at Church of St Thomas

Concert in my hometown Oulu at Church of St Thomas

Concert in Rovaniemi, Chapel of Korkalovaara at Polar Circle (Image is taken during rehearsal)

Concert in Rovaniemi, Chapel of Korkalovaara at Polar Circle (Image is taken during rehearsal)

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