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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Astro Anarchy gets published, art exhibition in Oulu

An art exhibition in Oulu, Finland. "Uusi Muoto" 1. - 23.12. Open every day 12 - 19.00, welcome!
Address: Torikatu 14, Oulu, Finland.

Astrophotographs, photographs and paintings ,  J-P MetsavainioChristelle Mas and Anni Arffman
Lots of new artworks from all of us. 

Pictures from the exhibition

Astrophotographer is cleaning the extra stardust out of the framed image of NGC 281.


From left to right, Christelle Mas, J-P Metsavainio and Anni Arffman

Exhibition poster

Sample images from three artists

Anni Arffman, Christelle Mas and J-P Metsavainio

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