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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Filaments of Cygnus, a new processing for natural colors

As usually, I reprocessed the two frame mosaic of Cygnus filaments. The color balance and stars are better now and more details are visible. This area in Western Cygnus is rarely imaged since it has a low surface brightness and more attractive targets are nearby. 

Cygnus filaments in visual spectrum
Click for a large image

Natural color composition from the emission of ionized elements. 
This palette is very close to a visual spectrum. Image in mapped colors can be seen HERE

A large mosaic image of the area
Click for a high resolution image

A large mosaic of "Cirrus of Cygnus" 2012. More info HERE
An area left from the center is seen in longer focal length photo above.

Even larger mosaic of the Cygnus
Click for a much large image

Info about this image HERE

Overlaid with a Cartes Du Ciel screenshot.

Technical details

Technical details can be seen in this blog post,

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