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Friday, October 16, 2015

Panhellenic Conference of Astronomy, Sparta Greece, October 2015

I was invited as one of the speakers to the 9th Panhellenic Conference of Astronomy in Sparta Greece.
The Conference in Sparta was a great experience! This was the most active, high quality, warm hearted and one of the most well organized conference I have ever participated. I really enjoy to talk with the same minded people. I'm nov a Spartan for life! Thanks to Organizing committee of the 9th P.S.E.A.

Here is a list of the invited speakers

Dr.Ioannis - Hugh Seiradakis Professor of the Physics Department of AUTH 

J-P Metsavainio Finnish astrophotographer
The Dr.Fiori Anastasia Metallinou is an associate of the Institute of Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Remote Sensing of the National Observatory of Athens.
Dr.Kosmas gauze is Lecturer of the Department of Astrophysics, Astronomy and Mechanics, University of Athens

One of my talks in the conference about astrophotography

A group photo

Beside the conference we spent lots of time together. 
Here are some photos of typical Greece activity to enjoy.
I can't speak highly enough about the food and hospitality in Greece!

First evening eating out in Sparta, weather and people are so warm!

Eating out

Eating out again, me at front left talking with the Dr.Ioannis - Hugh Seiradakis Professor of the Physics Department of AUTH 

After the Sparta conference I went to the Athens

Beside normal touristic activities I had a wonderful dinner party with astrophotographers in Athens area.
At the last day I got the private VIP tour to the Historical  National Observatory of Athens by the Ph.D of Astronomy, Fiori-Anastasia Metallinou

Some pictures from the visit

Me and the business end of the 40 cm refractor

Ph.D of Astronomy, Fiori-Anastasia Metallinou

A beautiful model of the Antikythera mechanism

Multitalent person, Astronomy meets Art

The Dr.Fiori Anastasia Metallinou has also studied opera at the School of State Conservatory of Thessaloniki. She gave us a beautiful concert at the last day of the Sparta conference.
(The background photo show is from me.)

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