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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Messier galaxies, M81-M82, with integrated flux nebula

A new collaboration image with David Lane. Beside beeing a deep sky astrophotographer he is also a master of landscape astrophotographing, please, have a look at his homepage:

Image acquisition is made by David Lane. He sent a massive amount of data to me to process and here is the result, Messier galaxies 81 and 82 with a large amount of  dim integrated flux nebula at front of them.
Total exposure time is around 40 hours with the William Optics GT81 telescope and SBIG STL-1100 3 CCD-camera. 

Messier 81 and 82 with an integrated flux nebula
Click for a large photo

So dusty, don't they ever clean up there...

An experimental starless photo
Click for a large photo

Brighter dots in this starless image are more distant galaxies

 A horizontal composition
Click for a large photo

A better resolution photo

Technical details

Data acquisition, David Lane
Image processing, J-P Metsavainio

Processing workflow

Deconvolution with a CCDStack2 Positive Constraint, 27 iterations, added at 33% weight
Color combine in PS CS3
Levels and curves in PS CS3.

Imaging optics
 William Optics GT81


Exposure times
Total ~40h

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