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Monday, April 13, 2015

Melotte 15, a new revision

I did some minor tweaking with the Heart nebula project.  This is a new version out of the 
Melotte 15 area at the heart of the Heart, IC 1805.

Heavenly view to the Melotte 15
Click for a large image

Image is in mapped colors from an emission of  the ionized elements, H-alpha, S-II and O-III. 

A 1:1 detail of the photo above
Click for a large image

The whole large mosaic of the Heart Nebula is at the same resolution.

The whole IC 1805 in mapped colors
Click for a high resolution photo, 2300x1900 pixels and 3MB

Melotte 15 are can be seen at the very center of the IC 1805. The original blog post about this image HERE

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