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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Optikfestival in Skara, Sweden

I had a pleasure to be invited as one of the speakers in "Optikfestival Skara", Sweden. The happening was organized by a Astrosweden, a largest optics retailer in Sweden. They are specialized to Astronomy, nature photography, hunting and microscopy. I was really impressed by the passion and knowledge they have about the the optics! 

The owner, Christer  Kjellner, has a personal interest to the subject and the sales team are experienced users of the products they are selling. That's not too common now a days! No matter if you are just entering in the subject or professional user they will find a solution for you, I'm sure.

I can highly recommend Astrosweden, if you'll have any needs for Astronomy, nature photographing, hunting scopes or microscopy.

Ask for an offer or just have a look to the webshop:

Interior of the shop, they have a large stock of products on site.

Duel of the nature photographers

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